Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC

Investment Strategies

Our assets under management are generally invested on a multi-strategy basis, across multiple geographies, although certain of our funds are focused on specific strategies and geographies. The portfolio composition of our multi-strategy funds is determined by evaluating what we believe are the best market opportunities for each fund, consistent with each fund’s goal of diversification and capital preservation. The primary investment strategies we employ in these funds include the following:

Strategy Description
Convertible and Derivative Arbitrage

Convertible and derivative arbitrage takes advantage of price discrepancies between convertible and derivative securities and the underlying equity or other security. These investments may be made at multiple levels of an entity's capital structure to profit from valuation or other pricing discrepancies.

Corporate Credit

Corporate credit includes a variety of credit-based strategies, such as high-yield debt investments in distressed businesses and investments in bank loans and senior secured debt. Corporate credit also includes providing mezzanine financing and structuring creative capital solutions.

Long/Short Equity Special Situations

Long/short equity special situations consists of fundamental long/short and event-driven investing. Fundamental long/short investing involves analyzing companies and assets to profit where we believe mispricing or undervaluation exists. Event-driven investing attempts to realize gain from corporate events such as spin-offs, recapitalizations and other corporate restructurings, whether company specific or as a result of industry or economic conditions.

Merger Arbitrage

Merger arbitrage is an event-driven strategy involving multiple investments in entities contemplating a merger or similar business combination. This strategy seeks to realize a profit from pricing discrepancies among the securities of the entities involved in the event.

Private Investments

Private investments encompass investments in a variety of special situations that seek to realize value through strategic sales or initial public offerings.

Structured Credit

Structured credit involves investments in residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities and other asset-backed securities. This strategy also includes investments in collateralized loan obligations and collateralized debt obligations.

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